Sunday, June 24, 2012

The AK is KO'd

Chad Elliot, also known as the Atheist Killa, maker of the Elliot argument and notorious for his videos as fivethirty is well known for angering the Atheist community. His argument claims that Atheists are illogical and unless they could show provable evidence for the universe being eternal, created from nothing, or a 3rd possibility, he would continue making fun of them. Just recently I challenged this guy to a debate. After setting everything in stone, we decided on making it at 11:30 est last night. Earlier that day, I posted a copy of my argument on his Creationism and the Origin of Life page, which is well known for having such comments removed. My comment however, stayed until a little after 10. Then by the knowledge of some fellow atheists, I found out that the Creationism page disappeared. I thought it had been banned and started to celebrate till I found out that he in fact had a second page called TheElliotArgumentCannotBeDefeated. I immediately posted my argument on that page while other atheists did the same. The pic at the bottom is my post. My argument was " The Elliot argument is illogical for a few reason. The 1st being that STE and SCPNCEU are both logical possibilities for the uniververses creations. and show how both of these theories are actually possible. The second problem with the Elliot argument is that it fails to take account that their are an infinite amount of possibilities that like the God theory, cannot be Provence or disproven. An advance race of extraterrestrials could have formed the universe. The point is that Atheism can be just as rational as theism." This was at around midnight. By 8:30 this page was gone too. Were these pages deleted? Probably. Though I don't want to be to arrogant,  I think I have enough knowledge to say that we wont have to worry bout the AK, at least for a little while.

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